DNA-120 Bifacial

370W l 365W l 360W

Our DNA Half-cut Cell Series impressively combines advanced technologies to maximize performance. Produce up to 30% more energy with the bi-facial rear side generation. Our patented DNA, Dual Nano Absorber, technology allows for panel to harvest energy from all directions and operate exceptionally in high heat temperatures.

Produced up to 30% more energy with bifacial rear-side generation 

Robust product design is resilient in extreme weather. 

Up to 5400 Pa snow load and 6200 Pa wind load.

All-black design for pristine aesthetics

Industry leading 30 year warranty

Industry Leading Warranty

We offer our customers an industry leading 25 year product warranty and a 30 year power performance warranty.

No additional serial number registration needed 

Failure rate is less than .01%

Streamlined claims process

-0.54% annual power attenuation

Long-term Reliability

We put our panels through rigorous long-term reliability testing. In fact, we exceed the industry standards by 3X. Our team of engineers designed our panels for excellent performance in extreme weather conditions. 

Rated Top Performer by RETC, third-party testing laboratory 

Best in class product design tested to withstand 210 mph wind speed

Tested to 3X IEC standards

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