DNA-144 Silver Frame

410W l 405W l 400W

Our DNA Series impressively combines advanced technologies to maximize performance. Our patented Dual Nano Absorber (DNA) technology allows the panel operate at high efficiencies in extreme temperature environments.

  • Optimized with patented DNA Technology
  • Sleek, silver frame design for pristine aesthetics
  • Class-leading mechanical load threshold 5400 PA (210 mph) wind load
  • Extended long-term reliability tested to 3X industry standard


Industry Leading Warranty

We offer our customers an industry leading 25 year product warranty and a
30 year power performance warranty

  • No additional serial number registration needed
  • Failure rate less than .01%
  • Streamlined claims process
  • -0.54% Annual Power Attenuation

Linear Performance Warranty

Long-term Reliability

We put our panels through rigorus long-term
reliability testing. In fact, we exceed the industry
standards by 3X. Our team of engineers
designed our panels for excellent performance in
extreme weather conditions.

  • Rated Top Performer by RETC, third-party testing laboratory
  • Best in class product design tested to withstand 210 mph wind speed
  • Tested to 3X IEC standards