Helping Our Communities

At Aptos Solar Technology, we believe in the power of renewable energy and its ability to transform lives. Being able to contribute to a worthy cause like Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and support their mission of building safe and affordable housing in our communities is incredibly rewarding.

Aptos Solar extends heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in making this incredible endeavor a reality.

American Flag-Shaped Solar Array

Renewable energy has taken a symbolic and patriotic turn in the form of a stunning American flag-shaped solar array at Cape Fear Solar’s new facility. Aptos Solar panels, known for their exceptional efficiency and reliability, have been meticulously installed to create an awe-inspiring display of sustainable energy and national pride.

Special thanks to Cape Fear Solar Systems for letting Aptos power this incredible array.

Platinum Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Aptos Solar Technology has been bestowed with the esteemed Platinum Partnership Award from Hoymiles, a leading provider of innovative microinverter solutions. This recognition serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and collaborative innovation within the solar energy industry. We are humbled and proud to be recognized as a trusted partner by Hoymiles, and we look forward to leveraging this achievement to further propel our mission of bringing clean, efficient, and reliable solar solutions to everyone.

On February 28, 2023 Aptos Solar Technology’s leadership team travelled to Plano, Texas to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony and accept the award.

We firmly believe that collaboration and strong partnerships are the key drivers for long-term success. Over the years, we have forged numerous strategic alliances with like-minded organizations that share our passion for sustainability and technological advancements. Our partnership with Hoymiles is a prime example of this synergy, as we combine our expertise to deliver cutting-edge solar solutions that exceed industry standards.

Celebrating Three Consecutive Wins: Leadership in Solar Panels Award

Winning a yearly award is always an honor, but winning it for three consecutive years is an achievement that is truly worthy of celebration. The Leadership in Solar Panels award recognizes organizations that have made a significant impact in the field of solar energy and have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation. To win this award three years in a row is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved.

So, what sets Aptos Solar Technology apart and makes us worthy of this prestigious recognition?

First and foremost, our commitment to innovation has been the driving force behind our success. We have invested heavily in research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries of solar panel technology. Our team of engineers work tirelessly to improve efficiency, durability, and overall performance of our solar panels. This award validates their hard work and expertise.

Secondly, our focus on giving back is deeply ingrained in everything we do. We are not just a solar panel manufacturer; we are agents of change. In partnership with GivePower, we are providing solar-based solutions that power life’s basic needs. For each solar panel that is sold, we donate a portion of our profits to GivePower that support projects like these. When you partner with us, you’re helping our mission to bring clean energy solutions to those that need them most.

Furthermore, winning this award for three consecutive years is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. At Aptos Solar Technology, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our solar panels undergo rigorous third-party testing and quality control procedures to ensure that they meet and exceed industry benchmarks. This commitment to excellence is at the core of our success.

Lastly, this award is not just a recognition of our products; it is a celebration of our exceptional team. Aptos has nothing but gratitude to every member of the Aptos Solar Technology family. Their hard work, passion, and dedication have propelled Aptos to new heights. This award is a reflection of their collective efforts.

Thank you to our customers, partners, and stakeholders for your unwavering support. Your trust and belief in Aptos has played a crucial role in our success. We are excited about the journey ahead and remain committed to delivering outstanding solar solutions that make a difference.

Celebrating Four Years

Since its inception in 2019, Aptos Solar Technology has been at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. With a team of passionate experts, the company set out to harness the potential of solar power, aiming to make it accessible, reliable, and economically viable for a wide range of applications. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to innovation, Aptos Solar has revolutionized the way we generate, store, and utilize energy.

In just four years, Aptos Solar Technology has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and continuous advancement in the field of renewable energy. Through ongoing research and development, the company has pioneered breakthroughs in solar technology. By staying at the cutting edge of the industry, Aptos Solar has set the bar high for its competitors and positioned itself as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

As Aptos Solar Technology reaches this important milestone, it is worth acknowledging the collective effort and collaboration that has made its success possible. From dedicated employees and strategic partners to forward-thinking customers, Aptos Solar has built a vibrant ecosystem of like-minded individuals and organizations working together to create a sustainable future. This spirit of collaboration will continue to be the driving force behind the company’s growth and impact as it embarks on the next phase of its journey.

Aptos Gives Back

Aptos Solar Technology and Greentech Renewables volunteers traveled to Nepal to benefit a local community with our partners at GivePower. A portion of the profit from every panel we sell goes towards opportunities like this one.

Advanced Solar Cell Technology – Half Is More


It’s no doubt that solar energy is a superior choice for servicing practical energy needs. Whether you are powering an industrial setting or a cozy home, you should feel confident in your choice to use solar energy–but even after the choice to go solar is made, how can users enhance their power production to be the most efficient possible?

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using solar panels that utilize half-cut cells and how their innovative design is showing the solar world that half is more.

Lower Operating Temperature

Extreme heat is a well-known enemy to electronics. Advanced half-cut cell technology improves solar panel heat production. Split-cells generate less current than full cells. As a result, the generation of excess heat is minimized.

Minimizing heat production reduces the chance of hot spots. Since hot spots occur when part of a solar cell overheats, the performance of the cell is negatively affected as a result.

The ability for a half-cut cell to run cooler means increased performance and longevity of the entire panel.

Shade Resilience

It isn’t uncommon for solar panels to be installed in applications affected by shading. Since a solar panel comprises a cell series that is linked together by an interconnection line, one cell that becomes shaded can affect the performance of every cell within its interconnection series.

Split-cell panels have twice the amount of interconnection lines, allowing for more power production when a solar cell is shaded.

In the case of a traditional full-cell panel, decreased power performance caused by shading is especially prevalent due to fewer lines connecting series of cells. However, in a split-cell panel, the amount of interconnection strings is doubled. This means that if a split-cell panel becomes shaded, fewer cells will be exposed to subsequent energy loss and the integrity of the solar panel is retained.

Less Resistive Loss

In half-cut cell solar panels, the use of three junction boxes reduces internal resistance to increase power output.

Additionally, there is less distance for current to travel in a split-cells. When the distance that current needs to travel is reduced, there is less resistive loss, and power performance is increased.

Solar panels with split cell technology are able to achieve higher power outputs than traditional, full cell solar panels.


It is now clear to see how half-cut cell solar panels are the method of choice when looking to enhance power performance, increase product longevity, and retain the overall integrity of a solar panel. To learn more about split-cell technology, contact our sales team today. Being informed is the first step in building a solar system that you can trust–you’re already half-way there.

Increase Bifacial Rear-side Generation With Rail-based Racking

Adopting bifacial solar panels is becoming more prominent in the solar industry. As usage increases, studies reveal that mainstream racking solutions limit bifacial rear-side generation. At Aptos Solar Technology, we assist our customers in maximizing the performance of every bifacial solar panel we produce. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits that come with using a racking system designed specifically for bifacial solar panels.

Traditional Racking Solutions

Mainstream racking solutions are built with monofacial solar panels in mind. Most racking systems are designed with wind deflectors and brackets that run along the back side of the panels, with ballast blocks directly under the panels or between the PVs. This traditional design creates obstructions under the panels, which in turn will cause shadowing that prevents light from reaching the rear-side of the panel.

It is common for racking systems to maintain a low profile, but– for bifacial panels– a higher tilt and clearance with the roof will allow the rear-side of the panel to harvest more energy. While monofacial panels can operate unaffected in these racking conditions, bifacial solar panels can see a serious decrease in rear-side energy production when installed on traditional racking systems.

Keep Both Sides of the Bifacial Panel Exposed to Light

Maximizing the performance of bifacial panels relies on a simple concept: allow both sides of the panel to get as much exposure to light as possible.

Bifacial solar panels perform most efficiently when rail-based racking systems are used. These solutions work by placing rails along the perimeter of the solar panels, leaving the rear-side of the panel exposed to light and free of obstruction. Cables can be tucked along the rails minimizing the shading on the panels.

To get even more energy production from the rear-side of the panel, a racking system that allows to increase the tilt to at least 10° or 15° is preferred. In addition, a racking system that raises the height of the system up to 10″-24″ clearance at the front and that is designed to have larger interrow distance will also increase the bifacial gains.

Generate Up To 30% More Energy

When solar users choose bifacial technology for their panels, they increase their potential for energy generation by up to 30% –making the choice to use an optimized racking system the best investment for users who want to increase energy production and increase the return for their investment.  

Bifacial Solar Technology – The Market is Finally Ready

For years there has been much fascination around bifacial solar technology within the solar industry, and we definitely understand why. There’s no denying that the additional rear side power generation and improved performance in low-light conditions are serious advantages to consider when sourcing solar panels. Higher yield is always a win, right? So why haven’t we seen more bifacial panels deployed? In this blog, we will cover why bifacial technology hasn’t seen its peak and why it’s no longer the technology of the future, but the technology choice for today. 

Performance Advantages

The main attraction around bifacial solar panels is the ability to absorb light from both the front and rear sides of the panel. When installed on highly reflective surfaces (i.e., a light colored roof or white rocks at the base of a ground mount) an increase of up to 30% in yield can be produced from the rear side generation. 

More Bankable Than Ever

Decades of field data has been acquired and bifacial panels are gaining the confidence of solar developers and investors. With new industry standards for bifacial panels released by the International Electrotechnical Commission in 2019, consumers now have a clear common basis for measuring the current-voltage characteristics of bifacial products.

Lower Costs for Bifacial Technology

he stars have finally aligned and the cost of bifacial technology has come down significantly, allowing it to compete in the mainstream solar market. Now that bifacial pricing is comparable with that of monofacial solar panels, projections indicate that bifacial technology will gain a large share of total demand. 

Our customers only pay for the STC front side rated power, yet still get the benefit of rear side power generation. Bifacial modules offer higher power density, resulting in significant balance of system savings and demonstrate higher energy yield — altogether giving consumers the best levelized cost of energy(LCOE).

Not Your Average Bifacial Panel

Our team of product engineers has stacked advanced solar technologies to maximize the power performance of our bifacial panels. Because our panels utilizes half-cut cells, our bifacial panels absorb 3% more light than conventional bifacial panels.

Click here to learn more about our bifacial product line.  

Aptos Solar Technology Solar Panels Added to Loanpal’s Approved Vendor List

(Santa Clara, CA, July 8, 2020) – Aptos Solar Technology, a supplier of high-performance solar modules, is pleased to announce that its complete line of solar panels has been added to Loanpal’s approved vendor list. This new partnership will allow solar installers across the U.S. to offer Aptos Solar Technology solar panels with competitive financing options to residential customers.

“Our partnership with Loanpal comes at a critical time, as many American’s are seeking energy independence. We want to make high-performance solar technology accessible and the ability to offer financing will help facilitate our mission.”

Frank Pham, CEO & Co-founder of Aptos Solar Technology.

Aptos Solar Technology’s line of residential solar panels features a sleek, all-black design and patented Dual Nano Absorber (DNA) technology that allow the panel to operate at high efficiencies in extreme temperature environments. This line of high-performance solar panels is ideal for homeowners seeking reliable and affordable clean energy solutions.

“We are excited to see the demand for our line of solar panels in the market. Our partnership with Loanpal is timely, as our team has cultivated strong relationships with key distribution partners such as iSolar Brokers and others that will offer our line of innovative and cost-effective panels to its network of installation partners.”

Alex Kim, CFO and Co-founder of Aptos Solar Technology.


Aptos Solar Technology is a U.S. based solar panel supplier committed to providing innovative and affordable solar technology. Aptos Solar Technology panels are optimized with patented Dual Nano Absorber (DNA) technology which allows the panel to operate at high efficiencies in extreme temperature environments. Aptos Solar Technology offers solar solutions suitable for utility, commercial, and residential applications. To learn more about Aptos Solar Technology visit, follow @aptossolar on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Loanpal is a financial conduit that connects, financial institutions, partners, and homeowners for solar and energy efficiency projects. In alignment with its world positive mission.  Loanpal has deployed $27 billion in loans over the past 15 years.  Loanpal’s fintech platform enables banks to deploy capital by connecting high-quality borrowers with various energy efficient solutions.  The company’s leadership is driven by the original founders, along with former SolarCity Executives who helped create the residential, commercial solar industry a decade ago. Loanpal is a proud partner of GivePower, a 5013c corporation, whose mission is to build and deploy solar-powered clean water and energy systems to communities in need around the world. To learn more about Loanpal visit

iSolar Brokers is an international lean, efficient solar brokerage company designed to realize accessibility of quality products for the end user.  Specializing in technology based processes, and innovation to streamline every partnership – iSolar Brokers’ goal is to consistently bring logistical support, and cost-effective vertical solutions to every solar project.  To learn more about iSolar Brokers visit