We Give Back

Making Clean Energy Accessible

In partnership with GivePower, we are providng solar-based solutions that power life’s basic needs. For each solar panel that is sold, we donate a portion of our profits to GivePower. When you parnter with us, you’re helping our mission to bring clean energy solutions to those that need it most.

Solar Water Farm

Waterborne disease is the planets leading cause of
death. GivePower’s Solar Water Farm can provide
access to clean water for up to 35,000 people every
single day. See how it has already changed the lives
of thousands of villagers in Kiunga, Kenya.

Clean Energy Solutions

Solar energy and storage technologies can be
utilitized to deliver the most essential community
services to the developing world. GivePower has
helped power some of the economically poorest
countries, including communities across more than a
dozen countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Global Impact

Each solar panel we sell results in a donation to GivePower.