American Engineering & Quality

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products the solar industry has to offer. Our solar panels undergo multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process and rigorous third-party extended reliability testing. We have tested our solar panels 3X the industry standards and have confirmed through third-party testing that our panels are able to perform excellently in extreme weather conditions.

3X IEC Standard

We have partnered with third-party testing laboratory, RETC, to push our products beyond the industry standards and provide our customers with quality solar panels they can rely on. Our solar panels perform 3X the baseline standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The thermal Cycling test consists of cycling the modules between 85°C and -40°C. TC mechanically stresses the module to detect weaknesses in the module design.

PV modules are subjected to cycling between temperatures of 85°C with relative humidity 85% and -40°C with no relative humidity control

PV modules are placed inside an environmental chamber and exposed to a controlled temperature of 85 degrees Celsius, and a relative humidity of 85%.

Resilient in Extreme Weather

Our products are designed and engineered to perform excellently in extreme weather conditions. We have performed accelerated testing on our solar panels to ensure they will withstand the harshest of environments.

Hot & Dry Climates

Our patented technology allows our panels to operate at higher efficiencies with less production loss in high heat temperatures. Check out our exceptional temperature co-efficient.

Hot & Humid

ConditionsWe have put our panels through rigorous tests to ensure that external and internal components are not adversely affected in hot and humid conditions.

Strong Wind Speeds

Our solar panels have been tested for wind loads up to 6,200 Pa. That means our panels are tested to withstand heavy wind speeds!

Salty Air

We conduct salt spray and ammonia tests on our solar panels to ensure that internal and external components are able to operate safely in regions affected by salt mist.

Heavy Snow Fall

We have tested our solar modules for snow loads up to 5,400 Pa. That’s up to four feet of snow!

Hail Storms

Our panels are made with tempered glass tough enough to withstand a 1″ in diameter hail sized ball. For information about how we test our modules for hail click here.

Our Partner for Third-party Testing

We have chosen Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) as our partner for third-party testing.

RETC puts customers at the forefront while bringing value at all stages— from R&D, market-entry, to bankability. Since its founding in 2009, manufacturers, developers, and investors have partnered with RETC to test products from a broad range of module, inverter, storage, and racking manufacturers. Only the latest testing standards and industry-accepted methods of vetting products are used in RETC labs.